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Why choose us

We are proud of our teachers and our students. Teaching is our life's work. Our work brings us joy and satisfaction because every day we see the results of our work - the success of our students. We are like-minded people and professionals who are ready to support our students, grow them, believe in them, and mentally be with each student at an exam, interview, or when signing another contract with foreign partners. We continue to grow and develop, conquer new professional heights, and meet high-quality education standards.

Our Benefits

Compliance with CEFR Standards
The training program and materials comply with European standards (CEFR).
Flexible Schedule
The teacher creates the schedule that suits you best.
Quality Control
Our manager monitors the quality of teaching and students' progress.
Reliability and Resultativity
Our students' success is our reputation.
Highly Qualified Specialists
We carefully select our teachers. All of our teachers (including native speakers) are certified language teachers.
Resources and Materials
In the learning process, we use only the materials and resources by the most famous and recognized publishings.
We use the Communicative Approach. Our lessons are interactive and intensive. We love our work and our students love to learn with us.

Methods of Teaching

Communicative Approach
The focus of this method is to enable the learner to communicate without any feeling of fear effectively and appropriately (in the various situations she would be likely to find herself in). The main principle of this method echoes the famous statement "If you want to speak – speak!" The communicative method involves maximum immersion in the language process. With the help of interesting systems of exercises, you learn to speak correctly, and freely, and express your thoughts, overcoming the psychological barrier. The communicative method of teaching is based on the principles:
  • Novelty (implies the use of different speech tasks-situations that is of interest and allows effortless memorizing material);
  • New Situation (the material is selected with regard to the preferences and needs of each student and presented in the context of interesting, memorable situations that provoke discussion);
  • Functionality (the material should be effective);
  • Communication (practical use of language in the classroom );
  • Individualization (in a group or individually, all the materials were selected, taking into account the individual characteristics and capabilities of each person). The communicative Approach includes many new approaches to teaching foreign languages with a great emphasis on audio-video and interactive resources. This very approach works well for most people and helps them study the language more knowingly and faster.
Lingvo Sociocultural Aproach
This method joints grammar structures with extralinguistic factors and knowledge about culture, particular qualities, and traditions of the country language of which you study. We discover the world with the help of thinking in a definite cultural field and we use language to express our impressions, opinions, emotions, and perception. Teaching you the professionals use not only audio, video, and interactive resources but also information about traditions, nature, and other factors which were crucial in establishing and raising the native speakers’ nations. The aim of this very approach is to make understanding the native speaker easy; to reach comprehension of the studied language intuitively. That's why each person who has chosen this natural and holistic approach should treat the language as a mirror, where geography, climate, history, living conditions, daily behavior, everyday life, and imagination are reflected.
The teachers use the literature of authoritative publishers such as: Also, you will find interesting and informative audio, video, and Internet resources:

Our Specialists

Yelena Country: Ukraine Native language: Russian, Ukrainian Teacher of: English, French, Russian / Ukrainian for foreigners Education: BA in Pedagogy (Teacher of English, French and Foreign Literature), MA in Psychology (Practical Psychologist). International pedagogical practice. Teaching experience: 14 years Achievements: Certificates of international standard CAE (C1), CELTA, TKT. Neurolanguage Coach. Trainer for teachers on the program "Operation Respect". Work style: The lessons are conducted solely in the target language. Notes are taken using the Mind Maps technique, fostering creativity and enhancing learning. The course focuses on developing skills in delivering engaging and impactful presentations, fostering dialogue-based communication, improving monologue skills, and promoting critical thinking. Students are actively involved in various project-based activities conducted in the target language, fostering practical application of their language skills. About Me: Hi there, students! I'm Yelena, an experienced English teacher at Lingvomax. With over 14 years of teaching expertise, I have developed a genuine passion for my profession. When it comes to lesson planning, I prioritize understanding the unique needs and individuality of each student. My teaching philosophy revolves around an essential principle: "If you want to learn how to speak, speak!" That's why I encourage constant communication in the language we're learning. By immersing ourselves in real-life conversations, we can accelerate language acquisition and build confidence in expressing ourselves. To enhance the learning experience, I have personally designed workbooks that have proven to be highly effective among my students. These resources are integrated into our lessons to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning environment. Don't hesitate to join me in this exciting journey of language learning. Together, we'll foster a supportive and interactive atmosphere that nurtures your progress. Let's explore the beauty of the English language and unlock your full potential! Looking forward to embarking on this rewarding learning adventure with you.
Aly Country: The USA Native language: English Teacher of: English Education: BA in Social Science, California State University, Long Beach. Teaching experience: 8 years Work style: Role plays, playing games/board games, use of colorful cards, describing images, mind maps, creating dialogues/stories. About Me: Hey, everyone! I'm Aly Hobel, your English teacher at Lingvomax. Originally from Los Angeles, California, I'm thrilled to connect with students from all over the world. Besides English, I speak Russian and Spanish fluently, which has allowed me to explore and immerse myself in different cultures. I've had the incredible opportunity to live in Ukraine and Spain, where I deepened my understanding of their languages and traditions. When I'm not teaching, you can find me dancing, running, or enjoying a friendly game of volleyball. These activities keep me energized and help me bring a dynamic and engaging approach to our lessons. As a certified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher, I have extensive experience teaching English in Ukraine and working with international students in the United States. I am passionate about creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment where you feel comfortable expressing yourself and exploring the English language. Connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures brings me immense joy, and I can't wait to meet each and every one of you. Together, we will embark on an exciting journey of language learning, cultural exchange, and personal growth. Get ready for engaging lessons, meaningful conversations, and a lot of fun along the way! Let's make your English language journey an unforgettable experience. See you in class!
Anastasiia Country: Ukraine Teacher of: English Teaching experience: 5 years About Me: Hello, everyone! I'm Nastya. I have an advanced level of English proficiency (C1) and work as both a teacher and translator. In my role as a copywriter, I collaborate with various companies and publications in the UK and the USA. I value order and consistency to ensure nothing is overlooked, allowing me to effectively track the progress of each student, even when working with groups of 4 to 6 participants. For my courses, I carefully select reputable publications that are based on materials from well-established sources like National Geographic and TED. Similar to my colleagues, I predominantly use English as the language of instruction in my classes. I have a knack for simplifying and illustrating complex topics, enabling students to quickly understand how to apply them. I believe in the importance of a technically educated teacher, so I incorporate applications that my students adore into the classroom environment. My teaching approach aims to make lessons both interesting and informative, while ensuring effectiveness. I employ a diverse range of methods and tools, including interactive exercises, video and audio materials, games, and discussions, to create a fun and memorable learning experience. I place significant emphasis on the practical component of language learning since I firmly believe that practice is the best way to master any language. I strive to help students understand how to apply their English skills in real-life situations. Additionally, I closely monitor my students' progress and provide continuous support throughout their studies.
Alexandra Country: Ukraine Teacher of: English Teaching experience: 4 years About Me: Hello! My name is Alex, or you can just call me Sasha. ? I am a translator and teacher, proficient in English at a C1 level. I have experience working with both children and adults. In my teaching approach, I strive to bring brightness to everything I do. One of my hobbies is drawing, and I love incorporating vibrant colors into each lesson. I believe that visual elements are crucial as they enhance the clarity and aesthetic appeal of information. When information is presented vividly and clearly, our brains can better absorb it through visual memory. The success of each of my students is a personal project that I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to. I aim to make English lessons interesting and engaging by using artistic presentations and other creative methods to captivate students and facilitate their understanding of the material. I design interactive exercises and group projects to foster interaction and collaboration among students. Creating a friendly atmosphere where every student feels comfortable is a priority for me. I encourage interaction and cooperation among students, fostering an environment where they can freely express themselves. My enthusiasm and passion for teaching allow me to assist my students in developing their English language skills confidently and effectively. I closely monitor the progress of my students and provide support to help them achieve their goals at every stage of their learning journey. Working with my students brings me great joy because teaching English is not just my profession, it is my passion. Seeing the joy in my students' eyes when they start speaking English is truly rewarding. Communication is at the core of everything we do, and I believe it plays a pivotal role in language learning. I look forward to welcoming you to my lessons, where we can embark on an exciting journey together.
Daria Country: Ukraine Teacher of: English Teaching experience: 2 years About Me: Hello, lovely students! I'm Dasha, one of the enthusiastic English teachers here at Lingvomax. With a solid C1 level of English proficiency, I'm here to guide you on your language learning journey. At Lingvomax, we believe in the communicative method, where we learn the rules of English to effectively communicate in real-life situations. Although I'm relatively new to teaching, I absolutely adore what I do because it's more than just a job to me. It's about fostering a connection with each student and ensuring that English feels easy and approachable. I want you to feel confident and understand that there's nothing difficult or incomprehensible about English! One of my favorite teaching tools is music. Incorporating modern tracks into our lessons is a fantastic way to learn cool phrases and expressions that native speakers use today. It adds an enjoyable and vibrant touch to our language learning journey. When I'm not teaching, you'll find me daydreaming, savoring the beauty of autumn, and, of course, immersing myself in music. I thrive on challenges in my work, as they push me to explore innovative teaching methods that keep you engaged and motivated. Now, let's talk about what I'm not a fan of. I'm not fond of Galitsinsky and those who cling to outdated teaching methods. We're all about embracing fresh and effective approaches that make learning enjoyable and efficient. As for tea, well, let's just say it's not my cup of tea! Join me in our classes, and together we'll embark on a captivating language learning adventure. Discover the beauty of English with me and unlock your full potential! Looking forward to meeting you soon!
Sarah Country: The USA Native language: English Teacher of: English Education: graduate degree, Spring Arbor University Teaching experience: 7 years Work style: Playing games/board games, Use of colorful cards, Describing images, Watching videos/movies, Singing/listening to songs, close-to-life situations. About me: Hey there, everyone! I'm Sarah, and I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to share my passion for teaching English with all of you. Let me tell you a bit about myself! I hold a Bachelor's Degree with Honors in social work and psychology from Spring Arbor University. My journey in English teaching has taken me on a global adventure, both in the United States and abroad. Living in different countries has given me a wealth of experience in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to learners of all ages. I've had the privilege of teaching English and American Culture and Society classes during my two-year stay in Kirovograd, Ukraine. It was an incredible experience, and I learned so much from my students. Seeing their progress and witnessing their excitement as they grasped new language skills was truly rewarding. In addition to my practical teaching experience, I've successfully completed TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) training, equipping me with the latest teaching methodologies and strategies. I'm always on the lookout for new and fun ways to engage my students and make the learning process enjoyable. When I'm not teaching, you can find me lost in the pages of a captivating book, hitting the pavement for a refreshing run, or curled up on the couch enjoying a good movie. These hobbies help me recharge and bring fresh inspiration to our classes. I'm eagerly looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. Together, we'll embark on an exciting journey of language learning, cultural exploration, and personal growth. Let's make learning English an enjoyable and rewarding experience! See you soon! Thanks
David Country: Costa Rica Native language: English, Spanish Teacher of: English, Spanish Education: graduate degree, Universidad Latina Teaching experience: 6 years Work style: Use of various types of games and exercises: crosswords, matching, tick-tack-toe, pairs, odd-one-out, gap fill, unscramble; quizzes; brainstorming; discussions; etc. About Me: I am David Cerdas from Costa Rica in the middle of Latino America, I consider myself as a cheerful and dynamic person, who sets new challenges every day. In addition I perform my job with the best attitude, striving forward to make the most of each opportunity I get. I love sharing knowledge and I am very patient, those might be the reasons why I became a teacher of English and Spanish. I love reading books, and also cooking Italian food. I’ve been working with people from different ages and you know, even though each person has own personality and learning style, when you have someone beside you, the learning process becomes easy and funny. My recommendation is when you are learning a new language, do it because you like, it not only because you need to get a job or something like that. I hope to see you soon, ))), Pura Vida.
Oleksandra Country: Ukraine Native language: Russian, Ukrainian Teacher of: English Education: higher (philological) National University "KHAI", ABB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (English and German philology) Teaching experience: 8 years Achievements: Worked as a tour guide, international relations manager, PR manager, translator, and teacher (different age groups, corporate clients). Style of work: Dialogue, monologue, conversation, mini-story, fairy tale, crosswords, dictations, role-playing games, grammar exercises, working with documents, games, quizzes, task cards; brainstorming, working with a dictionary, with a textbook, competitions. About myself: My name is Oleksandra. I have been teaching English to children and adults for over 8 years. Participated in the Ukraine-USA student exchange program. I try to find an individual approach to each student, based on one's goals and tasks, which allows one to achieve the maximum result. Over the years of teaching, I have collected many useful and interesting materials, which I am happy to use in my work.
Daria Country: Ukraine Native language: Russian, Ukrainian Teacher of: English Education: higher pedagogical Specialty: philologist, teacher of English Teaching experience: 1 year Achievements: International IELTS Certificate, 10 students successfully passed IELTS. 18 students successfully passed the interview in English. Work with corporate students. Ability to work with C1 (Advanced) level students. Working style: The lesson is conducted only in English. In the lessons, we discuss short videos and audio, use communicative games, and take notes using the Mind Maps technique. Develop critical thinking. About myself: I have been teaching English in Lingvomax for a year now, all the time I try to constantly develop. I participated in volunteer programs that connect people from different parts of the planet with different views of the world, which taught me the flexibility of communicating with different people. In my work as a teacher, I am inspired by the excellent results of my students after the lesson. This is what makes me try harder and improve. Working as a teacher, you learn something new every day. Not only do you teach your students, but the students teach you. This is great!
Natalia Country: Ukraine Native language: Russian, Ukrainian Teacher of: English, Polish Education: higher (philological), ChSU named after Petra Mohyly (Ukrainian, English philology and world literature), University of Silesia in Katowice (Polish philology). Teaching experience: 5 years Achievements: 2 higher pedagogical educations. Participation in international projects and language forums. Style of work: Use of the latest publications, interesting articles for discussion, dialogues, and communicative games. An individual system of exercises for each student to repeat. About myself: My name is Natalya. I have been teaching English and Polish for 5 years. During this time, I periodically make trips abroad (USA and Poland) in order to have an idea of ​​the current state of the language I teach. At the moment, I have been living in Poland for the third year and constantly have contact with the "living" Polish language. I have experience in teaching both individually and in small groups. For each lesson, I prepare materials individually for each student, as a result, the lessons are not only productive but also exciting. Working with me, you will not notice when you will be able to understand and communicate in a new language.