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Английский язык по скайпу, курсы английского языка по скайпу. Английский язык онлайн, курсы английского языка онлайн.

What is online studying?

Studying English, French, German or other language online is getting more popular nowadays all over the world. Let us consider why.
  • It enables a student to learn language in usual for him/her medium which makes him/her more concentrated on the process of studying;
  • It helps save time and not waste it for the way to get to the institution in summer heat, autumn rain or in severe winter frost;
  • Opportunity to have classes in your free time even at work;
  • Possibility to take lessons when you are away on a business trip or while traveling abroad
All this can make your education process continuous without long breaks which can be ruinous for your results. Also:
  • You can address your teacher with any question in unsociable hours (studying traditionally learners don't have such opportunity);
  • The quality of learning is high as we use multilevel systems of teaching programs developed on the basis of Cambridge Communicative Approach;
  • You get maximum of speaking and individual approach
All necessary materials and assignments are usually emailed to a student or sent via Telegram. You are provided with online notebook which is accessible to you and your teacher. That simplifies home assignments checking, assessing and enables the teacher to supervise you during the whole process.

Here is a sample of such lesson:

English by Skype English by Skype

Packages and prices

Course "From zero"
Lessons in a group of up to 8 students
Lesson duration 60 minutes
Course duration 6 months
General Course
Lesson 1-to-1 with a teacher
A lesson lasts 60 minutes
The course lasts 3 months
Course “Traveller”
Lessons 1-to-1 with a teacher
Lesson lasts 60min
Course lasts 3 months
Business Course
Lesson 1-to-1 with a teacher
Lesson lasts 60min
Course lasts 9 months
Course "Exams"
Lesson 1-to-1 with a teacher
Lesson lasts 60min
Course lasts 9 months