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Terms & Conditions

1 The trial lesson lasts 30 minutes and can be given only once.

2 The maximum monthly subscription period (8 lessons) is 30 calendar days, and the semester subscription (24 classes) is 90 days.

3 The subscription is extended for a period equal to the period of the teacher's absence.

4 You can "freeze the payment" for not longer than 10 days in a row and not more than 2 times per year (20 days in total during 1 year).

5 You can be late for a class, but we do not compensate for the absence.

6 If you miss classes on a fixed schedule for 30 consecutive days or more without notifying us, you might be excluded from the group.

7 We guarantee that we will use your information only as part of the learning process, and will not share it to third parties without your consent.