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Podcasts for learning English

BBC Learning English

The BBC Learning English website is considered to be the most well-known resource for audio materials. The 6-minute English podcasts are accompanied by scripts, explanations of words and expressions, and links to articles on the same topic.

Voice Of America

The VOA podcasts are divided into radio show recordings and special programs for English learners. The latter are characterized by a slow pace.

Podcasts In English - on this website, podcasts at 3 different levels are available for free, but scripts and tasks are available for a fee.

Effortless English Podcast

Effortless English Podcast - another website with podcasts that will assist in learning the English language.

Podcasts of famous universities


Cambridge University - lectures of excellent quality, video and audio materials.


Berkeley - one of the first universities to start uploading audio lectures on scientific disciplines to the web. These are real lectures delivered at this university.


Harvard - podcasts about computers and the internet.


Oxford - lectures on subjects such as philosophy, literature, art, physics, chemistry, and others.


BBC radio

BBC radio provides many programs and covers just about every topic imaginable. They offer special programs for adults that include 6-minute grammar and the English We Speak.


This radio station is specifically designed for those learning English. The speakers use simple English featuring a basic vocabulary and they read at a slower pace to help listeners focus and understand what is being said.

Voice of America radio

Voice of America also offers an English course that is divided into 52 lessons that follow the lives of young Americans. The course includes weekly videos for listening practice, speaking practice and pronunciation.

CNN radio

Here you can hear the news of politics, society, science from CNN (American news channel).