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When emojis become less lively

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Дата: 09.11.2023
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  • I want you to pull your weight more. You should take responsibility for the future.
  • Yeah! I was thinking about initiating a project that could stop illegal deforestation in mountain regions ⛰.
  • Oh no, it's not a big deal; you'd better pay attention to issues of social assistance.
  • I am not into this, to be honest.
  • Your purposes should be more mundane.
  • Today, we are going to do a great cleanup. Demolish everything useless and broken and make this room flourish ?‍♀️.
  • You are condemning good things! I worked hard to get all of this stuff. I think all this "garbage," as you called it, can stay here.
  • Don't you think we should move on and refresh our lives with new, effective purchases?
  • More respect for my old things, please!
  • I checked your account statement and have a question. What is the "Lighthouse" company?
  • Oh, it's a charity organization that helps refugees in our country ??.
  • Charity is a good thing, but you are a refugee; they are supposed to help you!
  • Everything is fine with me now, and I decided to help people like me who are less lucky.
  • What nonsense!
I watched the video you sent us and recollected a number of claims that elders make about young folk. There is a concept that youngsters are a priori poorly versed in life. According to the human neurological system, it could be justifiable up to the age of 25. But everything is not as bad as our grandparents assume. I think the fear of losing something that they were building all their lives, changing the way they are living, affects the way they behave much more than knowledge of the human mind nature. I should mention that being overprotective of children also has an adverse impact on relationships and often causes squabbles. This video has a happy ending. I would like it to be the same in every case of generational conflict ?. Daria, Upper-Intermediate

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