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Should video games be considered a sport?

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Имя студента: Lena S.
Уровень студента: Intermediate
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Life is changing, and the world is changing too. The new millennium has brought many new changes in the world, and a significant number of them are connected with the global network - the Internet. For example, twenty years ago, the Internet was not accessible to most people, but its popularity and availability (due to factors like the decreasing price of PCs and Internet services) have grown rapidly over the years. Nowadays, the Internet is present in every home, cafe, and office, and Wi-Fi networks invisibly transmit terabits of information. Our world has become completely digital. This new digital world has given birth to brand-new phenomena in human reality, such as online trading, online work, and even living life on the Internet (as seen in the prevalence of social networks). Undoubtedly, the most popular trends in society today are closely connected with the Internet. One aspect of this digital world is the emergence of video games. Initially, video games were conceived as a form of entertainment to pass the time, keeping people engaged and occupied. However, as video games became more developed and sophisticated, the quality of graphics and characters improved significantly. Players now experience an exciting journey to virtual worlds that closely resemble reality. Some individuals possess special skills for playing video games and find themselves as adept players. They unite in communities, leading to the birth of the first video game competitions. This competitive spirit has deep roots in human history, as the desire to compete and prove oneself better than others is an ancient ambition. It is the foundation of the Olympic Games, which, in turn, laid the groundwork for all sports in the world. The concept of video games as a sport is further supported by the term "cybersport," which refers to competitive gaming and has already gained recognition in Russia, where video game competitions are legally registered as a sport. Like any other sport, video games offer opportunities for making money, both for the players themselves and for those who organize the competitions. Financial rewards provide players with motivation and a strong foundation to invest their time and efforts into their gaming careers. In conclusion, video games can indeed be considered a sport. Professional video game players are highly intelligent and progressive individuals, as success in cybersport requires logical and analytical skills. While their physical muscles may not be highly developed, their mental capabilities are exceptional. Their dedication and talent are truly admirable.

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