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For or During? (Sorry, only in English)

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Let's break it down further with more examples to clarify the difference between "for" and "during":
  1. For:
    • "For" indicates the duration of an action or state.
    • It's used when you want to talk about how long something lasts or continues.
    • Examples:
      • "I slept for eight hours." (This means the action of sleeping lasted for eight hours.)
      • "She has been living in New York for five years." (This means the state of living in New York has lasted for five years.)
  2. During:
    • "During" specifies when something happens within a particular period of time or event.
    • It's used when you want to describe an action that occurs at some point within a specific time frame or event.
    • Examples:
      • "I watched a movie during the flight." (This means the action of watching the movie happened at some point while the flight was occurring.)
      • "She fell asleep during the lecture." (This means the action of falling asleep occurred at some point while the lecture was happening.)
Here's a comparison to help clarify further:
  • For is about duration or how long something lasts.
    • "I studied for two hours." (Duration of studying)
    • "She has been living in New York for five years." (Duration of living in New York)
  • During is about when something happens within a specific time frame or event.
    • "I read a book during my lunch break." (Action of reading happened within the lunch break)
    • "She fell asleep during the lecture." (Action of falling asleep happened within the lecture)
In essence:
  • For tells us how long something lasts.
  • During tells us when something happens within that time.LOOK;

    She phoned me during the week to tell me that she was getting married.(referring to a point in the week)

    We were in the cinema for three and a half hours.

    Not: … during three and a half hours.

    Our flight to New York was delayed for seven hours.

    Not: … during seven hours.

    We went to Italy for a week.

    Not: … during a week.

    We can also use for to refer to public holidays and seasons:

    He always goes to his mother’s house for New Year.

    Not: … during New Year.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check yourselves: Exercise 1: Fill in the blanks with "for" or "during" as appropriate:
    1. She studied __________ two hours every day to prepare for the exam.
    2. I usually go jogging __________ the morning to start my day.
    3. We waited patiently __________ 3 hours outside.
    4. He's been working as a teacher __________ five years now.
    5. They went on vacation to Europe __________ two weeks.
    Exercise 2: Choose the correct preposition to complete each sentence:
    1. We went swimming _______ the summer.
      • a) for
      • b) during
    2. She practiced piano _______ two hours every evening.
      • a) for
      • b) during
    3. They visited their grandparents _______ the school holidays.
      • a) for
      • b) during
    4. He's been living in London _______ ten years.
      • a) for
      • b) during
    5. The party lasted _______ six hours.
      • a) for
      • b) during---------------------------------------------------------KEYS
    Here are the keys for the exercises: Exercise 1:
    1. for
    2. during
    3. for
    4. for
    5. for
    Exercise 2:
    1. b) during
    2. a) for
    3. b) during
    4. a) for
    5. a) for

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